Thursday, March 29, 2012

Upcoming Shows

Been a minute since I got to updating this oft neglected web log, but here's the scoop on some upcoming shows to note.

New York City's ORGANS roll into town for the first night of their spring tour on Thursday, April 5th.  GOLD CROWNS'll be there to help send the boys off into the wild, great unknown with a FREE SHOW at MURPH'S - that dive across from Johnny $penda's.  Cheap thrills in the North Country.  Cash bar, 21+, 9PM and we'll keep it early-ish for all you working stiffs.

The thirsty masses down South already had their thirst for the Kooze slaked during Fangtooth's SXSW crawl, and now it's time to release all 7 hot, hard inches of his POPCORN SALAMANDER EP on Philadelphia.  So keep this two-day party going at the STATION (16th and McKean) on Friday, April 6th to celebrate the release of this 4 headed monster, with support from the ROBO TRIPPERS (making a rare appearance on the live stage) and PLURAL DOVES.  $5, 21+, cheap booze, South Philly fun.

Big shouts to Dave for making these gigs happen in a pinch.  Founding Fathers & Flash Mob Productions - better together.

Monday, March 12, 2012


We here at Founding Fathers are proud to present the mighty Joe Kusy's debut 45, "Popcorn Salamander."  Made in Philadelphia in 2012, it's a record that transcends time and genre.  Four revved-up, psyched-out, space-jammin' ramblers from the mind of a mad man, it should be considered essential listening for anyone with a brain and a pulse.  We'd write more, but we're too busy running back to the stereo to flip this baby again and again and again...

350 (or so) pressed.
50 first presses have hand stamped and numbered center labels.
300 with fully printed center labels.

Listen to a sampler courtesy of noted Philadelphian Michael Sabolicky over here.

Buy it now, or regret it later when you see it up on the wall for, like, 50 bucks behind some slob at the record store.


7” 45 RPM, 200 COPIES

The debut 45 from Philly’s favorite sons and daughter, Gold Crowns.  ‘If Looks Could Kill’ b/w ‘Moonshine.’  Two slow burning slices of Americana from the great city that started it all.  Recorded at No-Fi in scenic Port Richmond, Philadelphia by Mike Sabolick, winter 2011.  Cover art by the inimitable Kris Chau.  Buy with confidence.

"The Crowns are heart and soul, yo." -Philebrity

"Their tunes are inspired by 60′s girl groups despite the unfortunate fact that precisely 3/4 of the band are not even slightly female." -Cameron Sima, Philly Broadcaster

"[Gold Crowns] made ears ring with rock simply by taking the stage." -Bill D.

 "Amazing tune from my brothers and sister Gold Crowns." -Brother Duane Lauginiger, Virgina resident, filthy hippy

Want both?  Email me and save! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Popcorn Salamander EP

Pickin' up some slabs of wax with this tune and 3 others tomorrow.  Release details to follow.  People get ready.