Monday, June 3, 2013

Dog & Pony


Supposedly features a former member of the Lilys, which is like saying “features the owner of an automobile made by Ford” or like saying nothing, really, once the down-stroked bass, stupid-distorto vocals and perfect drums open up for an aggro-fied GOGOGOarrogance take on turn-‘o’-the-century post-post-punk. There’s a slight whiff of fellow Philly greats Northern Liberties/Erode and Disappear but this is mostly of its own claustrophobically-unhinged design, in so much as it made me think about Atari Teenage Riot without sounding at all like Atari Teenage Riot, and revealed a lot of hidden (by fidelity choices) magic, yet failed to lose any of the immediate power that hit me first-exposure. This is noise-rock for those who don’t want to hear another band fuck up their Cows or Hammerhead-in-the-mirror practice in public. Though Dog and Pony is no longer an active performing unit, the fine people at Founding Fathers were right to think this band’s sole album deserved an official shot at becoming a keeper in collections full of keepers. Only 300 of these were pressed, but I’d wager that a good slice of those reading could order a copy right now. Trust me, I love a crusade more than a crucifying, so get this thing and don’t forget it when the year-end list bullshit tries to get in your ear later on … if you are that type.

-Andrew Earles, Still Single

Dog and Pony