Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wheat Beer Fest.

 Today, in always sunny South Philadelphia.

Come hang.  15th and Mifflin.  Beers, grills, tunes.  Bands start at 2.  Crowns around 4 or something.

Friday, May 4, 2012

News, Reviews, Fires, Shows

Been an eventful couple of weeks for the Founding Fathers family.  Here's the breakdown.


Our man Joe Kusy recently got some favorable digital ink from celebrated record blogs Yellow Green Red and Still Single.  We've only got a few hand-labeled first presses left to sell, and when they're gone, they're gone.  Shipping them out on a first come, first serve basis.  You know what to do.

Joe Kusy - Popcorn Salamander 7" 45RPM EP
50 (or so) Hand Labeled First Presses, 300 with fully printed center labels

Since we're getting international orders in (well played, Denmark and France) here's an updated payment plan for the PayPal masses.

$8 USA
$9 Canada
$12 The World

If you live in a nation other than ours and already PayPal'd the initial $8, fear not.  We're still shipping your records at the initial cost.

And while you're blind drunk on tequila in Philadelphia tomorrow night --


Due to a fire at Founding Fathers HQ, our friendly claims adjuster decided to buy a whole bunch of Gold Crowns 7"s.  He was so enthusiastic about it that he bought'm by the dozens, leaving only a few for the 'Crowns to sell at their upcoming gigs.  If you want one, you'd do well to get it soon.

Gold Crowns - If Looks Could Kill b/w Moonshine
7" 45 RPM, ??? Copies

$8 USA
$9 Canada
$12 The World

...and if you want both in the same mailer with some bonus goodies

$14 USA
$16 Canada
$22 The World

The Crowns also received some back-handed compliments from Matt over at YGR.  Read at your leisure.

They'll be bringing it live at this years Wheat Beer Fest at the South Philadelphia Taproom with Adam & Dave's Bloodline, The Extraordinaires and more.

All day block party
Saturday May 19th
15th and Mifflin
Free, and not to be missed


What's next?  Why it's a 12" 33RPM LP from the now defunct Dog and Pony.  It's an absolute fucking monster of a record, and we can't wait for you to hear it.  Take first single 'Dentist Appointment' for a spin over on our SoundCloud.

We'll also have a bunch of live cassettes coming out in short-run editions over the next few months - keep your eyes peeled at Founding Fathers' recording artist gigs and this web log for details.

Stay safe.  FF.