Monday, January 14, 2013

It's 2013

Let's get this year started off with a bang.

First up is Dog and Pony's absolute monster of a long player, Child of God.

It’s a pretty daunting task trying to describe an album we’ve loved so much for so long in just a few brief sentences.  From the gutters of North Philadelphia, we’re proud to present the now defunct Dog and Pony’s long lost masterpiece, Child of God.  Brutally honest, honestly brutal – it's a record that doesn’t worry about blurring the lines that it's already crossed.  It’s rock and roll served up just the way we like it.  Give it a spin, and we’re sure it’ll quickly find its way into your permanent play pile, filed neatly next to your ‘Sabbath, ‘Flag and Can collection.

Dog and Pony – Child of God 12” 33RPM LP
300 copies pressed with full color center stickers, silkscreened jackets and lyric inserts
5 test presses with stock white center labels in stock white sleeves
Cover art designed by our esteemed friend and colleague, Joe Kusy and printed by Nick Kulp.

Take some tunes for a spin over here.

Side A
Dentist Appointment
Cram City
Wiggle Room(ed)

Side B
Ride the D
Front and Master
Skull of a Rat the Size of a Car

$16 ppd US
$18 ppd Canada
$24 ppd The World

Dog and Pony

Up next?  A brand new EP of bloozy, boozy rockers from Philly faves Adam & Dave's Bloodline on Earths choicest format, the 12" 45RPM.  Available February 22nd, 2013.  Take a tune for a spin over here.

All tunes on the soundcloud now available for free download.  'Cause we love you.

...and while we've got your ear, we've still got a handful of our man Joe Kusy's Popcorn Salamander 7" EP for sale, and 5 or 6 copies of the Gold Crowns 7" left.  Buy low, sell high.

Joe Kusy

Gold Crowns

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